Our Wines

Staffordsville White  Traminette

Dry white wine with Gew├╝rztraminer parentage.  Exotic aromas of mango, orange peel, and pear.

Sweet Serenity  Traminette

Semi-sweet white wine with light notes of honey and apricot.

2015 Intermezzo
Vidal Blanc/Chambourcin blend

A complex transparent red wine with flavors of plum, black cherry, and summer fruit. Light undertones of apple and raspberry.

Sweet Dreams 100% Chambourcin

A sweet red wine. Deep plum color, with hints of chocolate, reflecting the complex terroir of our vineyard.

Amplitude 100% Chambourcin

Tastes of bright red cherry, black currant and raspberry.  Hints of cloves and pepper with a lustrous tannic feel.

Duet Cambernet Franc/ Chambourcin Blend

Aromas of strawberryand light plum, combined with notes of dried fruit, thyme and anise, with light tannins.

Tango 100% Cabernet Franc

Medium-bodied red wine with savory bell-pepper like flavors and herbal aromas wiht a lightly oaked finish.