About Our Wines

Prelude – Vidal Blanc
A clean and crisp dry white wine with rich aromas of tropical fruit, complemented by flavors of peach, honeydew, and lemon.

Serenade – White Chambourcin
Dry rose’ with citrus fruit notes; aromas of orange peel, grapefruit, and dandelion.

Amplitude – Chambourcin
Fruity flavors of fresh raspberry, blueberry, and plum.

Duet – Cabernet Franc/ Chambourcin blend
Aromas of grape jam and light plum; combined with flavors of dried fruit, thyme and anise; with light tannins.

Tango – Cabernet Franc
Medium-bodied red wine with savory bell-pepper flavors and herbal aromas, with a light oak finish.

Melody – Vidal Blanc
A semi-sweet white wine with a lemony corn-silk color. Tastes of ripe pear and pineapple.

Sweet Dreams – Chambourcin
A sweet red wine. Deep plum color, wth hints of chocolate, reflecting the complex terroir of our vineyard.

Portal – Port style dessert wine
Complex, full-bodied sweet fortified wine; rich woody flavors with complements of light dried fruit.

Our wines are crafted in small batches using grapes grown on the estate or in nearby southwest Virginia vineyards.